Problems with picoscope and ADC100 on New HP Notebook

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Problems with picoscope and ADC100 on New HP Notebook

Post by Markr » Fri Oct 21, 2005 5:02 am

Up until very recently we have had the DOS version of Pico scope running on a Hewlet Packard Omni book while connected to an ADC100
We predominantly use it to capture and measure a 50Hz AC mains wave shape generated during the triggering of a circuit breaker and compare the event time to that registered on the circuit testers that we manufacture during the calibration process.

Unfortunately the old Omni book has passed on and we have transferred the program to a newer HP Compaq Nx 6120 Notebook with a Pentium M 1.73 GHz processor and 1 G of ram running Windows XP Pro - Service pack 2

This machine has one parallel port and this has been set to “Standardâ€


Post by Sarah » Tue Oct 25, 2005 10:47 am


Thank you for your post.

I would not recommend using the DOS version as this may not work on a newer Windows machine despite using a DOS emulator. Unfortunately we are no longer able to provide support for the DOS version anymore.

With regards the windows version, are you seeing any trace across the screen? Is the signal AC/DC coupled correctly? Does the screen just appear to have no trace at all, or a flat line? The best trigger setting to use with an ADC-100 is usually Auto (if you want a trigger that is). You are also able to take measurements using the controls under Settings, Measurements.

If this persists then please send me a file showing what you are seeing to mark the email for my attention and provide a link to this post for background information.

Best Regards

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