feature request/bug report: cursors window

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feature request/bug report: cursors window

Post by stevenvh » Wed Mar 25, 2015 5:30 pm

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I'm frequently using my 3204D MSO purely as logic analyzer, with the analog subview disabled. When I use a dual view (second for a zoom-in), I might setup my window as follows:
2015-03-25 18-03-23.png
Note that without analog channels I don't get to see the cursors window, so I don't know where exactly they are, nor what the time difference between them is. I also can't numerically position the cursors. Can we please get the cursors window, also when we're working digital only?

So, to see the cursors window I have to activate my analog subview, which takes a lot of screen real estate, and messes things up: my time axis appears under the analog subview, whereas I want it under the digital.

The bug:
When I activate both subviews I get a splitter which should allow me to show more of the digital or analog data. However, in one view the splitter doesn't move at all, despite being selected (the cursor changes). In the other view I can move it up to show more of my digital channels, but not high enough to show all three of them, so I have to use the vertical scrollbar to see all my data. You'll agree that this doesn't work at all.

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Re: feature request/bug report: cursors window

Post by AndrewA » Wed Apr 01, 2015 9:57 am

Hi Steven,
The first issue – having no ‘ruler window’ when there’s no ‘analog sub-view’. This has been raised before and there is an existing bug. I have added a few more votes against the bug, for you.
The second issue-
Not being able to resize the split between the digital and analog sub-views, to be any larger, than a few channels.
I have raised new bug for this, but did find another way-
If you arrange the two views vertically, you can resize the digital subviews upto 50%.
To arrange the two views vertically-
Goto the ‘View’ menu – ‘Custom view’ – Change the settings to-
Rows 1 – Columns 2.
See the screen shot below-
workaround sizing views subviews issue.png
sizing views subviews issue
Regards Andrew
Technical Specialist

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