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Triggering with a TTL signal

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Triggering with a TTL signal

Postby st514 » Fri Mar 20, 2015 4:14 pm


I have a picoscope 6403. I want the synchronise the picoscope data with a high speed camera. The camera can give out or receive a TTL signal as a trigger. Can the picoscope give out a TTL signal, or can it be triggered by a TTL signal by connecting to the AuxIO?

To avoid gaps in the data (I need around 2 s continuous) should I just set the time base to 200 ms/division and set the number of samples as high as possible, giving a sample interval of 410 ns, or should I use the rapid triggering function (is there a set interval between buffers when in rapid triggering mode?)?

Many thanks,
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Re: Triggering with a TTL signal

Postby AndrewA » Wed Mar 25, 2015 5:03 pm

Hello Sam,

I assume you are using the scope with our picoscope software?
I would use the Aux input, as you cannot easily sync the signal generator to the scope capture.
The Aux input is a 50 ohm input, so as along as the camera can driver this load, this would work.
And set the trigger to mode to single or repeat, and set the pre-trigger box to say 5%.
Do you have the 'View' Menu -> 'view properties' window open? This shows the actual sample rate, number of samples.

Rapid trigger mode is only available in fast time bases (1ms/div or less) with the picoscope software.

Regards Andrew
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Regards Andrew
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