Conversion to CSV / TXT with Linux

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Conversion to CSV / TXT with Linux

Post by brena4 »

When saving a psdata file to CSV format the maximum number of samples output to the file seems to be limited to 1048579 (minus 3 for header lines, so 1048576).

Is there a particular reason why this would be the case ?

My sample rate was at 500.1 us.

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Re: Conversion to CSV / TXT with Linux

Post by Hitesh »

Hi brena4,

The limit has been set as per PicoScope 6 for Windows due to a limitation of the number of rows that MS Excel can handle.

You can export the data to MATLAB .mat v4 format - the format is available for you to then convert the data: ... format.pdf

The Development team have been made aware of requests for exporting more data.

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