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trigger with arbitrary waveform

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trigger with arbitrary waveform

Postby Kristin » Fri Nov 30, 2012 4:58 pm


we are just starting to write our own software for our new Picoscope6402B and are currently having some problems. We are using the signal generator to make another device "shoot" soundwaves. Everytime the waves reach our measurement tool we like to measure its resulting voltage change with the picoscope. Therefore, we want to use the signal of the signal generator (measured with channel A) to trigger our measurement (channel D). If we use the built in signals the trigger seems to work, but as we don't want to shoot all the time with a defined frequency (but everytime our software is done collecting data and calculating stuff) we would like to stop the signal generated by the picoscope after a few cycles. When we measure the outcome with another oscilloscope it works, but we can't get the picoscope to trigger the signal. Instead we can only see noise (before or after all the cycles?).

We tried it with generating a gaussian with a frequency of 2Hz and peak to peak of 4V (max: 2V). Then we are inserting a sleep command to wait for a few cycles and start an arbitrary function which is 2V. For testing reasons we are not using our soundwave meausurement device at the moment but giving the output signal on channelA of the Picoscope and another oscilloscope.

I really hope someone can help us fixing our problem.

Thanks! Regards,
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Re: trigger with arbitrary waveform

Postby Martyn » Mon Dec 03, 2012 1:40 pm

It sounds as if it is a configuration issue so can you post the sequence of ps6000 function calls you are using, the parameters you are passing, including the AWG waveform file you are generating.
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