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detecting low amplitude clicks in audio stream

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detecting low amplitude clicks in audio stream

Postby tenfour » Fri Jun 01, 2012 1:30 am

this is my first post. i am working on a project to detect low amplitude pulses in an audio stream. picture a metronome
clicking in a repeating pattern with a cd playing music in the background. i am trying to determine the best technique to sample the audio stream and determine if the repeating low amplitude pulses are present. i have recorded audio streams
with pulse streams only. then i recorded audio streams that include both music and pulse streams. i ran both streams
thru some online spectrum analyzers but so far have been unable to come up with a method to isolate the pulse streams
from music audio.

i am wondering if it is possible to have software to "learn the pulse stream" and then step through a sample of the audio
stream that has both the pulse stream and music and search for the pulse stream fingerprint.

i would appreciate any help from anyone on a process to solve this problem. i will attach a block diagram of my project.

Click Amplifier.pdf
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Re: detecting low amplitude clicks in audio stream

Postby TinWhisker » Fri Jun 01, 2012 8:21 am

Have you tried low(and high)-pass filtering the stream to narrow the field a little?

The biggest hurdle is to sync - assuming the music has drums too, is to not sync with them!
Once you have got sync, you can estimate when the next click appears and search that region only.
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