The TC-08 Thermocouple Data Logger offers industry–leading performance and is an inexpensive answer to your temperature measuring needs.

TC-08 thermocouple data logger
  • 8 channel thermocouple data logger
  • Measure from 1 to 160 thermocouples
  • Measures from -270 to +1820 °C
  • Automatic cold junction compensation
  • High resolution and accuracy
  • Fast sampling rate — up to 10 measurements per second
  • USB interface

Wide temperature range

The TC-08 thermocouple data logger is designed to measure a wide range of temperatures using any thermocouple that has a miniature size thermocouple connector. Additionally, the TC-08 can also measure other sensors using a 70 mV  range.

Featuring built-in cold junction compensation (CJC), the TC-08 has an effective temperature range of -270 to +1820 °C (the actual temperature range depends on the thermocouple being used).

All the benefits of USB

The TC-08 connects to the USB port of a Windows based PC and enables the host PC to automatically detect the TC-08 — avoiding the need for any complex setup procedures. The USB connection also allows the TC-08 to be powered directly by the USB bus — eliminating the need for an external power supply and making the TC-08 ideal for measuring temperatures both in the lab and in the field.

Measure up to 160 thermocouples simultaneously

The TC-08’s USB connectivity allows up to 20 TC-08 USB data loggers to be used simultaneously on one PC — making the TC-08 ideal for use as a large multi–channel temperature acquisition system with a cost per channel significantly lower than other systems of this size.

Single Channel Terminal Board

single channel terminal board

The USB TC-08 Single-Channel Terminal Board is an accessory for the USB TC-08 Thermocouple Data Logger. The screw terminals allow wires to be attached to the data logger without soldering and enable the USB TC-08 to measure voltages from 0 to +5 V, or 4-20 mA  loop current.

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Fast and accurate temperature data acquisition

With the TC-08 thermocouple data logger your measurements can be made both fast and accurately.

The low conversion time of the TC-08 means up to 10 temperature measurements can be taken every second. Whilst the high (20–bit) resolution ensures that the TC-08 can detect minute changes in temperature.

All you need in one easy–to–use unit

Temperature data acquisition with the TC-08 is very easy — simply plug the TC-08 into a USB port on your computer, connect your thermocouples, and you are ready to measure temperatures.

The easy-to-use PicoLog data acquisition software is supplied with the TC-08 — allowing you to start measuring and recording temperatures with the minimum amount of effort. The intuitive user interface of PicoLog makes it easy for you to set how frequently you want to take a measurement, and the number of measurements you want to take.

Buy your TC-08 online or from your local Pico distributor.


USB TC-08 Thermocouple Data Logger General Specifications
Number of channels (per TC-08) 8
Maximum number of channels
(using multiple TC-08s)
Conversion time 100 ms (thermocouple and cold junction compensation)
Temperature accuracy Sum of ±0.2% of reading and ±0.5 °C
Voltage accuracy Sum of ±0.2% of reading and ±10 µV
Overload protection ±30 V
Maximum common mode voltage ±7.5 V
Input impedance 2 MΩ
Input range (voltage) ±70 mV
Resolution 20 bits
Noise free resolution 16.25 bits
Thermocouple types supported B, E, J, K, N, R, S, T
Input connectors Miniature thermocouple
PC Requirements
Minimum Processor: 1 GHz.
Memory: 512 MB.
Free disk space: 32–bit: 600 MB, 64–bit: 1.5 GB.
Operating system: 32– or 64–bit edition of Microsoft Windows XP (SP3), Vista, Windows 7 or Windows 8 (not Windows RT).
Beta software: Linux Debian, OpenSUSE and Fedora derived distributions, OS X (Mac).
Ports: USB 2.0 compliant port.
Recommended Processor: 1 GHz.
Memory: 512 MB.
Free disk space: 32–bit: 850 MB, 64–bit: 2 GB.
Operating system: 32– or 64–bit edition of Microsoft Windows XP (SP3), Vista, Windows 7 or Windows 8 (not Windows RT).
Beta software: Linux Debian, OpenSUSE and Fedora derived distributions, OS X (Mac).
Ports: USB 3.0 compliant port.
Physical Properties
Dimensions 201 x 104 x 34 mm (7.91 x 4.09 x 1.34 in)
PicoLog for Windows PicoLog data acquisition software can collect up to 1 million samples. Features include:
Multiple views — view data as a graph, spreadsheet or text
Parameter scaling — convert raw data into standard engineering units
Math functions — use mathematical equations to calculate additional parameters
Alarm limits — program an alert if a parameter goes out of a specified range
IP networking — transfer measurements via a LAN or over the Internet
Operating systems supported: Microsoft Windows XP (SP3) to Windows 8.1 (stable software).
Full details on PicoLog
Linux drivers 32–bit drivers
Software development kit Includes drivers and example code for various programming languages including C, C#, Delphi, Excel, LabVIEW and Visual Basic. Download SDK
Language support

Full support for: English, Français, Deutsch
Menus and dialogs only for: Italiano, Español, Svenska
User’s guide
Programmer’s guide
Installation guide

English, Français, Deutsch, Italiano, Español, Svenska, Nederlandse, Dansk
Additional hardware (supplied) USB 2.0 cable, user manuals, software CD–ROM
PC interface USB 1.1
Power requirements Powered from USB port
Compliance European EMC and LVD standards
FCC Rules Part 15 Class A
Total Satisfaction Guarantee In the event that this product does not fully meet your requirements you can return it for an exchange or refund. To claim, the product must be returned in good condition within 14 days.
Warranty 5 years
Lead time In stock


TC-08 Resolution

Thermocouple type Overall range °C 0.1°C resolution 0.025°C resolution
B 20 to 1820 150 to 1820 600 to 1820
E -270 to 910 -270 to 910 -260 to 910
J -210 to 1200 -210 to 1200 -210 to 1200
K -270 to 1370 -270 to 1370 -250 to 1370
N -270 to 1300 -260 to 1300 -230 to 1300
R -50 to 1760 -50 to 1760 20 to 1760
S -50 to 1760 -50 to 1760 20 to 1760
T -270 to 400 -270 to 400 -250 to 400

Applications for the TC-08

The TC-08 thermocouple data logger is used successfully throughout the industrial, scientific, medical and the food industries; listed here are some interesting applications:


Rated:   by Mike Williams

Good useful piece of kit
Good useful piece of kit, easy to carry around and set up on site, it does everything that I paid at least 100 times the price for just a few years ago and that was not mobile. Only down side is that the software could be easier to use.

Rated:   by Mark Crisp

TC-08 Data Logger
What a fantastic piece of kit. Easy installation. Software is good. From unpacking the box I was doing my first test with 5 thermocouples within 30 minutes. I would recommend this product. The service from Pico Technology was second to none!

Rated:   by T. Kooistra

very satisfying work, at this moment constantly logging 5 temperatures for over 6 months.

Rated:   by Fabien Cara

Thermocouple / mV recorder
TC-08 is a good thermocouple or mV recorder.
Recording rate is approx. 0.2 s/channel
Recording quality is good : <0.1 °C noise
Precision in temperature is found at +/-0.5 °C (ambient range with calibrator).
Software is good for recording / signal processing (possibility to apply user functions) and system is open for developments (dll and examples supplied).
A very good quality/price product

Rated:   by Sameer Hiware

Good one!
It was good experience to use this product. easy to use.

Rated:   by jason stokes

Couldnt be simpler
I bought this product as a backup for some handheld temperature monitors. After the first use, this quickly became the preferred method. The software is as reliable as all Picotech products, with simple setup and a great price.

Rated:   by Brent Sinclair

A good lab workhorse
We've been using TC-08s (about 20 in my lab) as a lab workhorse for a decade. The software is pretty average, but otherwise we are very happy. These devices have contributed to more than 50 peer-reviewed publications and counting.

Rated:   by Lynn McManus

Easy to use, reliable results
I'm very happy with the TC-08. It does exactly what I need and the accompanying software is easy to use.

Rated:   by Christopher Lynn

TC-08 Review
I have used the TC-08 for several years. The device is very easy to use, highly versatile and efficient. The software is user friendly and can be easily downloaded from the picotech website. I can download and setup the TC-08 on any new computer within minutes. The TC-08 makes data logging simple from setup to post processing. I would highly recommend this product.

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