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EnviroMon DDE

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I only need copy the values from the data Logger to Excel Sheet, in the manual say that you only put in a cell "=EMW|Current!Value" but excel only place in a cell the follow string "#N/A" i tried to use DDE spy for Visual Basic 6 for check the connection and it appear, what command or instruction need to make the values appear :shock: ???


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Re: EnviroMon DDE

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Hmmmm intghesting! I have actualy never used this in the 4 years or so I have been at Pico! It does not seem to work on 5.21.5 however it does work on 5.16.2, you would however need to do a logload to change the firmware version so that the software would work.

The logload instructions are attached, I have also reported this to our software team.

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