PicoLog Crashes Laptop

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PicoLog Crashes Laptop

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I have tried to install both the Demo & full version of PicoLog on my laptop but it crashes every time
Blue screen and Core dump
Its a Dell Latitude C400 running Windows XP Pro
Loads of free Disk space and memory
Any I deas ?

Chris D Ford

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Hi Chris,

I believe that we spoke yesterday.

Sorry to hear that the full version has performed in the same manner. Could you set up your PC so that is will save the core dump and the email it to me.

Here are the instruction on how to save it.

Right Click My Computer
Select -> Properties
Select -> Advanced
In -> Startup and Recovery -> Settings
Section -> Write debugging information
Select -> Small memory dump
File name %SystemRoot%mimidump.dmp

The file that you need to send is the minudump.dmp to:


Best regards,

Mark Spencer

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