PicoLog fails to restart with ADC plugged in

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PicoLog fails to restart with ADC plugged in

Post by MTW »

Hi! I'm using ADC-11/10 (USB) with latest PicoLog software (5.20.9). Operating system Windows 7 (fresh install and up to date). When I launch PicoLog for the first time everything is ok. When I then close PicoLog and try to restart it fails to connect with device and freezes! Sometimes the process is still visible in the task manager and sometimes it is not. Either way... until I unplug the ADC and plug back in ... it will not work! This could be very annoying... Thank you for any suggestions.

Pico Stuart
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Re: PicoLog fails to restart with ADC plugged in

Post by Pico Stuart »

Dear MTW,

Thankyou for your inquiry with regard ADC11/10 and PicoLog application in Win 7.

Please could you proceed to the following link and download the latest version of PicoLog R5.21.1


Please note: parallel port products and the USB ADC-11 do not support 64-bit operation.

If you encounter nay difficulties please do not hesitate to contact me via support@picotech.com

Kindest regards,

Technical Specialist

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