info on 4424

Which product is right for your exact requirements
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info on 4424

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I am looking for a scope or data logger (4 channels) able to acquire data with same resolution as 5µs timebase on classic scope, but I need to log these data over several minutes.

Does PicoScope 4424 and its software, is able to perform this king of measurement ?
What is the maxi sampling rate and recording time in continuous streaming mode ?

Do you have other products able to reach my requirement?


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Hmm, well using PicoScope 6 and block mode you will get at best 20seconds of data at that rate with all 4 channels. In streaming mode you might get 50 - 100 seconds. So on the 10s/division time base you will get a rate of 6us.

If you wanted to stream for longer you would have to write your own software.

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