thd measurements

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thd measurements

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Hi everyone...I'm new to this pre purchase and looking at the 4224 details but there's several points I'm pickin' at. Maybe someone can reply. Referring to the pico 6 simulation, 1st is the Y vert axis log scale. Always in the past worked to log 10 spacings, and this doesn't appear to allow me to set this to default.
2nd, as an engineer I always worked to 0dbu(0.775V) as reference. I cannot set this reference. Why not ?
3rd, is the thd measurement. Each time I set the sweep frequency to another figure with the waveform still in screen the thd measurement varies, even when harmonics are way down. Why is this. This makes real measurements wrong.

comments welcome.


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Post by ziko »

Hi richy,

I reported it as a bug and it will be looked into, I will keep you informed of any updates.

Kind regards

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