Error at Call Library Function

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Error at Call Library Function

Post by dsmader »

Hello everyone,

i am trying to integrate my picoscope 5244D into Lavbview (2013 32-bit) using the SDK 32-bit software. However i am receiving the error "Error 1097 occured at Call Library Function Node in". I attached a screenshot of the error, the and the configurations of the call library function.

I tried:
-restarting the computer
-restarting labview
-reattaching the scope (the error seems independent of whether it is attached or not)
-using the scope without Labview using PicoScope 7 (works well)
-using different serial numbers including 0 which should according to the manual just chooses the first on the list and there is only one attached

Maybe i am overlooking something?
Help is very appreciated.
Thank you all,
231002_ErrorMessage.PNG (7.98 KiB) Viewed 1115 times
231002_PicoScope5000Open.PNG (3.83 KiB) Viewed 1115 times

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Re: Error at Call Library Function

Post by Martyn »

The PicoScope 5244D uses the ps5000a.dll and therfore requires the ps5000a examples from ... er/ps5000a
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