TC-08 - Temperature Logger - Error propagation

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TC-08 - Temperature Logger - Error propagation

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i have a question concerning the TC-08 and the uncertainty of the complete measuring chain.

According to the manual, the TC-08 has a uncertainty of ± 0.2% the reading plus a 0.5°C uncertainty on the CJC.

As Thermocouples i use standard Type T, which have an uncertainty of max(±1.00C or ±0.75%).

Hence, measuring e.g. 100°C would result in 100.0°C±1.0°C (assuming a "perfect") DAQ.

Using the TC-08 i would need to add the uncertainty of the unit itself, which would come out to:

0.2%*100.0°C+0.5°C = 0.7°C

For a very simple error propagation, i should simply be able to add the 0.7°C to the 1.0°C uncertainty from the sensor, right? So that i would end up with: 100.0°C±1.7°C ?

Thanks a lot =)


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