Trigger OR for channels A B C

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Trigger OR for channels A B C

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Good day.

I am using PS 5444D MSO. I want to record in a block mode from channels A B and C simultaneously after appearing the trigger signal on one of these channels (it does not matter on which appeared trigger signal all channels will be recorded after the trigger).
The function SetTriggerChannelConditionsV2 is not supported by this device group object.

I understood how to use a single channel trigger and it is shown below:
>> triggerGroupObj = get(ps5000aDeviceObj, 'Trigger');
triggerGroupObj = triggerGroupObj(1);
set(triggerGroupObj, 'autoTriggerMs', 0);
[status.setSimpleTrigger] = invoke(triggerGroupObj, 'setSimpleTrigger', 0, 10, 2);
But I am not a professional programmer in MATLAB, and an example I didn't find. Could you help me to write this part of the code with the threshold in both directions + and - 10mV for 3 (ABC) channels using SetTriggerChannelConditionsV2.

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