2405A in PicoLog, measuring RMS

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2405A in PicoLog, measuring RMS

Post by FrankGloessner »


thanks for your support in this forum.

We want to measure the RMS value of a 50 Hz Sinus AC in PicoLog, using a 2405A. Is there a possibility to setup a math equation to do this?

Using PicoScope is difficult due to the duration of the log, this will be several weeks.

Thanks and best regards,


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Re: 2405A in PicoLog, measuring RMS

Post by Mark64 »

Hi Frank,

I have the same issue in that I want to log AC RMS values on my 2405A. Picolog Ver:6.2.5 Win 10 does not appear to log AC violtage at all, yet is allows selection of AC/DC coupling!
Have you had any response or a solution to your query? I would be interested to know.

Regards, Mark

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