Issue with num of samples

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Issue with num of samples

Post by caleb.hille »

When trying to maximize the number of samples. sometimes ps automatically drops down to 10MS

I have a MSO3406D - aka 2GS capable device.

sometimes i can get the full 2GS, sometimes I cant. Picoscope software interface will let me type in 2GS into the sample bar, but when i press "play" To capture a single trace, the number-of-samples box auto-updates to 10MS ..

any advice? (note, this happens even when i have my trigger type set to "single")

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Re: Issue with num of samples

Post by Gilbert »

For whatever reason, the lowpass filtering seems to activate itself in this situation. For the channel you're using, presumably 'A', go into the Channel Options by clicking on the A button and about half-way down you'll see the Lowpass Filtering section, it'll probably be active, uncheck it. You can test this yourself by deactivating it, then kick up your sample rate to a high setting, and then activate lowpass filtering, you'll see the sampling rate drop to 10 MS. You can also see the actual sample value/number by clicking on the 'Views' tab, at the bottom click on the View Properties and you'll get additional information, including the sample rate number, to the right of your screen.

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