convert timebase/div to timebase for pico3000

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convert timebase/div to timebase for pico3000

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Hi all,

I want to convert timebases like 10ms/div, 100ms/div and so on, to the timebase values as the pico3000dll requieres it. Unfortunally the dll uses mulitples of an sample intervall (in my case it's 10ns).
How can I do it? Had anyone of you done this before, and can help me a little bit?



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To calculate the sample interval that is required you need to take the time/div and multiply it by the number of divisions.

eg. 10ms/div with 10 divisions gives 100ms

The next stage is to determine the number of samples that you want to have across the whole of the time.

eg. 4000 samples

Divide the time by the number of samples

100ms / 4000 = 25microseconds

The next stage is to use ps3000_get_timebase, one of the parameters tells you how long a capture would take at the timebase you require for the number of samples you have stated. You will need to iterate in a loop starting at timebase 0 and incrementing the timebase value until the time is equal or greater than you need.

Mark Spencer

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