Problems encountered in picoSscope 6 software preservation o

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Problems encountered in picoSscope 6 software preservation o

Post by liweng2008 » Sun Mar 11, 2018 3:07 pm

Dear PicoScope Technical Services Officer,

I am a student from a university in China , and I'm honored to be able to use Pico's products to complete a lot of experiments that require high precision and high storage depth. But recently I met some of the problems I couldn't solve when I used the 6000 Series PicoScope and the specific problems are described as follows.

The type of the PicoScope I used is 6404C. When I use a single trigger to get a valid waveform, and save the waveform as the ".mat" format file.Then I use Matlab 2017b software to open the '.mat' file .Unfortunatly, MATLAB software indicates that the file I loaded has been damaged and can not read the file. I've changed a lot of MATLAB versions, and I've got the same problems.

After a constant attempt, I found that when the amount of data from the exported '.mat' file is relatively small, Matlab can be opened normally. But when the amount of ‘.mat’file is large (Roughly more than 400MB data size), Matlab can not read the data properly with '.mat' format.

May I have a good way to solve this problem ?

In addition, I have a suggestion on PicoScope 6 software. Can you add such a function to the next time you update the software: only save the part of the waveform that the view sees.This function is very important for most users, because the data obtained by the acquisition card is not the whole data that belongs to the valid data, and the user may only need to save a part of it, and the current software only provides the preservation of the entire waveform data.

This is the first time I write to you, and please forgive me for the burdensome of my writing.I wish PicoScope is getting better and better.

I sincerely hope to receive your reply. :)

Sincerely yours,
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Re: Problems encountered in picoSscope 6 software preservati

Post by Hitesh » Mon Mar 12, 2018 12:15 pm

Hello liweng2008,

If the number of samples per channel exceeds 100 MS then MATLAB will be unable to open the file as it can only deal with arrays with a length of up to 100,000,000 elements in the .mat v4 format which is what we save to from the PicoScope software.

Please e-mail and we will be able to assist you further with the above.

I will add information about saving a portion of a waveform capture to an existing feature request.


Software Dev. Engineer

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