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Custom menus problem

Post by Shotton »

I have tried to set up a custom menu via the .ini file and have had no luck. I have many .pss files that I use at work and would like to set the menu up.

I followed the help file and nothing changed. My questions are: what directory do I put the .ini file in. And where will I see the change on my picoscope screen once I reboot?

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Post by markspencer »


The ini file should be called TEST***.ini, where the *** indicates the international dialing code for your country. If you are using English this would be 044, for Germany 049 etc.

Once you have defined your ini file this should be saved in the same directory as Picoscope was installed, for the default installation this would be:


The .psd or .pss files are found by the script from the PATH declaration, so if you state that:


There should be a directory called 'SettingFiles' inside the Pico directory, that you have created and placed the .pss or .psd files in.

When you re-start Picoscope you will see an extra option 'Examples' for instance, if you have:


This will appear on the menu bar between the 'Window' and 'Help' option.

Best regards,

Mark Spencer

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