problem with picolog installation and sample rate

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problem with picolog installation and sample rate

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I met a problem when I install latest version of Pico_version_r5_13.9, I used ADC-11. After I finished installation, both Picoscope and Pico player can run properly, however, Picolog only flash out and then disappeared, I can't use it to collect the data. What is the problem? Another thing I want to know is about sample rate of ADC-11, it seems that ADC-11 can only capture voltage data correctly when sample rate>=1000ms, less than that sample rate, the voltage reading is always changing. why is that? it is supposed user can select much faster sample rate in the options.

You will be highly appreciated for your help!


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Thank you for your post.

The USB ADC11 sampling rate is 20Ks/Sec which is divided by the number of active channels. The high sampling rates are available in the block mode sampling section. Real time continuous mode will give you a maximum of 900-1000 samples/sec.

I hope this helps.

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