I2C serial decoding window

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I2C serial decoding window

Post by tonyt »

In the Serial Decoding Window (All Buffers), can you please allow sorting of Buffer Numbers from highest to lowest. So that it's possible to view the data stream without having to scroll to the bottom. Also, why cannot the floating window be resized? Or better allow sorting by the column values: Buffer No., Packet, Data, Data ACK, etc...

I can change the waveform buffer to 8 and then I can see the most recent buffer at the bottom but I don't really think this is the best solution.
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Re: I2C serial decoding window

Post by AndrewA »

Hi Tony,

The issue of 'floating window resizing' will be fixed in the next beta release.

As for the your feature request to sort columns from low to high and high to low.
I think this would be a useful feature; you could sort packets by, read/write, addresses, data, buffers etc. So I will create a request.
Regards Andrew
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