Maximal ADC212/50 performance

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Maximal ADC212/50 performance

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I am building the real time measuring/processing application under LabView.
The ADC212/50 scope seems to be suitable for me.
As I understand, the restart time of the scope is about 5ms. What is a data throughput of the parallel port?
What is a maximal data collection rate of the ADC212/50 in the cycle with 2000 - 4000 samples of posttriggered data (at 25Ms sampling rate) at each reading?
Can it run faster with USB-parallel port adapter?
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Hi Oleg,

The ADC-2xx series can perform up to approx. 200 downloads per second in 'rapid_mode'. You can find details on how to set this up in the ADC-200 product manual.

I can't give any firm answers on specific cases, as it can vary from PC to PC, but the download rate for the parallel port is usually around 40kS/s - 60kS/s.

The download will be slightly fastest with USB, but this is not really quantifiable.

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Matt Everett

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