PICO Parallel to USB adapter

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PICO Parallel to USB adapter

Post by glenn.pearce »

Please can any one tell me if the PICO Parallel to USB adapters can be used with non-PICO products, e.g. printers?

I am trying to do some work with Parallel Port Jtag and a Parallel Port to USB adapter would be a very useful addition to the project.

The devices I have, which I bought several years ago, are labelled "USB Parallel Port QMR77/227". They look the same as the PP196 pictured below.


Many thanks.

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Re: PICO Parallel to USB adapter

Post by Hitesh »

Hi Glenn,

It's not something we have tried here.

You're welcome to try it and post back here to provide information on whether it works or not. You will need to install the driver by installing PicoScope 5 or PicoLog on your PC.

We can only provide support where the device is being used with one of our Products.

Best wishes,

Software Dev. Engineer

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