Pressure MEasurement using PT-104

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Pressure MEasurement using PT-104

Post by junedfird »

I wish to measure pressure using PT-104.

Do I need to purchase 0-100mV output or 0-2.5V output pressure transducers?

How to connect the pressure transducers to screw terminal adaptors?

0-100mV transducers come in 4 wire configuration.


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Re: Pressure MEasurement using PT-104

Post by Hitesh »

Hi junedfird,

You can configure a channel on the USB PT-104 to be either in the range 0 - 115mV or 0 - 2.5V.

The user guide for the USB PT-104 shows how to connect wires to the device:

Please see section 2.6: Connection: PRT inputs. Only 3 of the wires need to be connected. Do you have any information on what the sensor wires correspond to?

You will need either a mini-DIN connector to attach to the wires or you can purchase a screw-terminal adaptor (PP660) ... uide-1.pdf.

You would need to scale the voltage readings to pressure in the PicoLog software.

I hope this helps.

Software Dev. Engineer

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