AWG 3000 VI

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AWG 3000 VI

Post by Joachim198 »

Hi is there an Example VI of using the internal AWG 3000 VI. I tried to use the internal FrequencyGenerator of the 3204B but the output stops after a sec. Even a whileloop around the AWG VI doesnt change anything. Has someone already built a running AWG VI for using the internal Generator without an AWG signal file.

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Re: AWG 3000 VI

Post by Hitesh »

Hi Joachim,

You should be able to run the AWG by setting up the following structure:

Open Unit blocks -> AWG block -> Loop with Stop button -> Close Unit block

You should be able to call the ps3000aSetSigGenBuiltIn function with the relevant parameters - what are the parameters that you are setting? Have you set values for shots by any chance?

Please ensure that you have the latest build of the SDK from our website


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