Problem with Lab view connection

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Problem with Lab view connection

Post by Adam »

I have the PicoScope 3204. R6.6.28 and the PicoScope installed last drivers. When you start receives: "PICO_INVALID_CHANNEL: Check That at least one channel is enabled, that 'channel selections are correct And that the "four channel device" setting is correct." If I tried to run only the function OpenPS3000, there is no error but my PicoScope red LED stops flashing. And when I run the program again PICO_NOT_FOUND : (
Aaand next issues PicoLog recorder does not see my oscilloscope.
OS win 7 64bit
Lab view 2011 SP1
I'll be very grateful for your help.

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Re: Problem with Lab view connection

Post by Martyn »

Do you have a 3204 or a 3204a, they have different drivers and only the 3204 will work with Picolog not the 3204a.
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