Usage of Picoscope4227 for Data Acquisition

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Usage of Picoscope4227 for Data Acquisition

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I am a month old with LabView and my task is to acquire data from 1 or more oscilloscopes, Temperature amp, Acceleration sensors and further more. I have to create a Data Acquisition program which enables me to record
1. Date
2. Time
3. Elasped time of experiment in sync with the voltage values from channel A and channel B.

The devices that I use are Picoscope Oscilloscope 4227 and Temperature Amplifier TC-08. For now I am working on the oscilloscope and it is connected through a USB. I also have a program that I am working on which was implemented before. That program gives the time and voltage values for the two channels of the picoscope.

Is there an existing subVI in the SDK of Picoscope 4000 series to carry out the above task?

Below I am attaching one of the outputs from the program already implemented and how I would like my output to be.
022_17 Dec 2016_14.15.35_Test3.txt
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Re: Usage of Picoscope4227 for Data Acquisition

Post by Martyn »

Do you have access to the original program code ? and is this LabVIEW ?

If so you have all you need and you just need to add in something to read WIndows Date/Time and add it to the output table at the relevant points.
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