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AWG Automation

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Dear PicoScope-Team,

my group owns a Picoscope 5244B and I have to measure the response of a system to a large set of pulses which are saved in several .csv files. They are named like: pulse-1.csv, pulse-2.csv and so on.
I would like to load the first file into the AWG, measure 500 periods of the signal and save the average to a file and then continue with the next signal. Everything except loading the waveform into the AWG works fine using the Alarms.
Is there any way to automatically load a waveform file into the AWG, e.g. via the "picoscope /a" commands or the makro recorder? I dont need to change any settings besides the actual signal shape.
I was thinking about loading every .csv file by hand, then save the settings to a file and load these files in the right order via the "picoscope /a" commands, but maybe there is a more elegant way?

I looked into the SDK examples for LabView but the AWG example could only load a waveform to the oszilloscope when PicoScope 6 was not running, and if I start it after loading the AWG via LabView it overwrites the settings. Is there any simple way to achieve this with Picoscope 6 so I dont have to write a capture routine?

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Re: AWG Automation

Post by Martyn »

It is not possible to control the AWG file buffer from the Automation commands, so Settings files would be the only possible way.
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