Measurement.CSV BUGGY

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Measurement.CSV BUGGY

Post by anel »


we are using your automation command /a Measurements.CSV? in order to get the measurement results.
this is only working as long as the measurement is still recording data.
After the measurement has bin finished (the status may be still running or not this isn't change the behavior)
the Command returns only white spaces!?

The only possibility to store these measurements statistics (as far as I understood) is to use this command?

I tried to use the command in an external file triggered by an Alarm when buffer is full, but it results in the above described a error!?

Another question is how I can get absolute time stamp of my measurements?
(the time stamp when the scope exactly started to record samples?)


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Re: Measurement.CSV BUGGY

Post by Hitesh »

Hi anel,

Which version of the PicoScope 6 software are you using? Have you tried using the object from the PicoScope 6.12 Beta software?


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>cd "C:\Program Files (x86)\Pico Technology\PicoScope 6 Beta"

> /a Measurements.csv?
At the present moment, this is the only option to export measurement data directly from the software. You can also export the channel data and use a third party tool to perform measurements.

Unfortunately, an absolute timestamp of measurements is not possible.


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