Running two PicoScope 2104

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Running two PicoScope 2104

Post by mpgreen »

Can one instance of the pico oscilloscope software run two PicoScope 2104 from the same pc at the same time?
If so can you trigger off one to capture the waveform from the other? -

In other words can you use two 2104's as you would a normal dual channel pico scope, triggering off one channel to capture a signal on the other?

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Post by ricardo »

Hi mpgreen,

I'm afraid this is not possible, the Pico oscilloscope software will only allow you to use one unit at a time. The only way of doing this will be with a dual channel scope.

Please let me know if you have any further questions.

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Need four channels at 200MHz

Post by jlyanez »


I was looking at the specs for your scopes. I noticed that your 4 channel has an extremely slow bandwidth (for my application anyway), however, your PICO 3206 has an adecuate bandwidth, but too few channels. Could it be possible to run two 3206 scopes with one instance of your software?


Post by Sarah »


Thank you for your post.

Unfortunately this is not possible. Picoscope can only support one unit at a time.

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