Call to ps3000_ready does not return

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Call to ps3000_ready does not return

Post by cstook » Mon Dec 21, 2015 5:31 am

I an using the beta version of 64 bit windows SDK (PicoBetaSDK_64_10.6.11.23). Operating system is Windows 10. Scope is Picoscope 3425.

ps3000_get_unit_info returns:
PS3000_USB_VERSION = 2.0
PS3000_VARIANT_INFO = 3425
PS3000_CAL_DATE = 16Jul09

I am using the scope in block mode. Sometimes calls to ps3000_ready do not return, usually after several thousand successful calls. Opening the chrome browser increases the probability of ps3000_ready not returning (while chrome is opening, not after it is open). As a temporary solution, I replaced polling ps3000_ready with a delay > time_indisposed_ms before calling ps3000_get_values. This works OK, but I prefer to not have my code dependent on delays.

Using a delay before calling ps3000_ready, so that ps3000_ready always returns true, does not fix the problem.

This looks similar to the problem seen by Edk in 2013 (post35621.html#p35621).

Is there a solution?

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Re: Call to ps3000_ready does not return

Post by AndrewA » Tue Dec 22, 2015 2:40 pm

Hello cstook,

I have tested this with C console example the yes the issue seems to be with the 3425 and 3424 and possibly the 3224.
I also tested a 3204 this did not seen to have the issue.
Yes- adding a delay (Sleep(100);) before ps3000_stop() or ps3000_get_values() seems to fix the issue.
I have created a ticket for this, and will await a response from our development team.
Regards Andrew
Technical Specialist

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