Picolog Hardware Detection - 2000 Series

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Picolog Hardware Detection - 2000 Series

Post by wayno3579 »


I have a PicoScope 2206 which runs fine on my Win7 laptop using the Picoscope software.

But it isn't detected by the PicoLog 5.24.8 software.

It shows in the Devices & Printers list in Windows.
I chose PicoScope 2000 Series when I installed the PicoLog software.
I've tried different USB ports.

Is there something more I need to do?

Device = PicoScope 2206
Serial Number = AX766/051



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Re: Picolog Hardware Detection - 2000 Series

Post by Martyn »

The 2206 is one of the newer 2000 series devices, which uses an updated driver model which is not supported in PicoLog.

Please note that you can collect just under 14 hours of data in PicoScope 6 by selecting 5000 s/div, and with the use of the alarms features to save data, you can perform longer term logging.
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