New user for PicoLog1216

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New user for PicoLog1216

Post by sfingerh »

I am a new use with the PicoLog1216.
The Logger is working OK, but I have problems understanding some of the settings or way of working of the logger.
I'm going to describe what I need
-I want to log 6 or 7 channels of data.
-I need synchronous sampling, this is each each 7 channels at the same instant.
-I need a fixed sampling frequency of about 200Hz. The exact value can be a little bit higher or lower, but it has to be fixed and I need to know the value.

What is "single converter"? One converter for all the channels? Why someone would use this setting?
But my confusion comes from these settings/names:
-Scan Time (a value per channel in useconds). Help says :"This is the total time to take the set of readings for a sample. The scan time should be at least three cycles at the minimum frequency that you wish to measure." What is 'set of readings'? What is 'cycles at the minimum frequency..."? The minimum value I can write is 1us, but then it is autoset to 200us.
-Sampling interval: If I write 1ms, does it mean a sampling freq. of 1kHz? Because the values on the created file are each 15ms
-Readings per sample:
-If in the recording settings, if I set rec. method to "Real Time Continuous" and "Repeat Immediately" I suppose that the "Restart delay" doesn't count.

In other words. What (and why) are the settings I need?

I'm an electrical engineer, so I know what sampling freq., Nyquist, etc. are

Best regards.

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Re: New user for PicoLog1216

Post by AndrewA »

The picolog 1000 series loggers are not synchronous devices, there input channels are multiplexed.
The maximum sample rate of the1216 is 1MS/s shared between all the channels.
So 1MS/s / 7 channels is 142kS/s, and the number of samples in one capture is limited by loggers memory of 8k in this device.

You may want to look a our 8 channel scope the 4824- ... cilloscope
Regards Andrew
Technical Specialist

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