SLA-16 Logic Analyser

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SLA-16 Logic Analyser

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Hi. I am interested in the Pico SLA-16 which is a PC based logic analyser. I have recently purchased one and am after some accessories for it, including the PC based software. Unfortunately I'm not able to find any accessories, software or infact any record of the device on the website or these forums.

Is anyone able to point me in the right direction?



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I'm in the same situation as the guy above, does anyone have any information?


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Post by Michael »


Thank you both for your enquiry.

You can obtain further information by sending an email to:

Please include your name and address and we can send you the software.

Best regards,
Michael - Tech Support
Michael - Tech Support
Pico Technology
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Post by marklamond »

Thanks Pico for sending me the software! (v0.05 beta)

Does anyone have the pinout for the serial cable? The pins on the SLA-16 do not follow the RS-232 standard, so they must be have to be wired in a specific fashion?

Many thanks for your help,

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Re: SLA-16 Logic Analyser

Post by stevesp »

I got one of these working.
Power is 12v tip positive (same as scopes of this era)
Serial cable is straight connection pin to pin
Software held by Pico is a DOS executable. To run it you will need a Win 95 or Win 98. (I don't think XP supports DOS). Restart the PC in DOS mode, (it will not run in DOS command mode, I think windows has already grabbed the ports) connect the SLA-16 and type in the name of the dos file to start it. It will show the SLA-16 has connected.
Its an old DOS program so you will have to use the TAB Key to move about and type return to action that selected. Options are layers deep and there are no instructions available.
Mine works ok, useful for high speed logic analysis, not enough memory on board for long intervals.

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