ADC-16 - 2.5 V output specification

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ADC-16 - 2.5 V output specification

Post by Ivan_I »

I have an old ADC-16 on which I have used the +5 V output and a serial regulator to provide a an accurate 2.5 V source for my sensors.

I have just purchased a new ADC-16, that also has a 2.5 V output.
What is the accuracy of this 2.5 V output and how many milliamps can it supply?


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Post by Michael »

Hello Ivan,

Thank you for your post.

Both of these outputs are not intended as driving outputs. The 2.5v O/P is a reference voltage so any load on it could skew your readings.

The 5v O/P was initially rated at 2mA.

If you are looking to drive sensors, you should use an external supply.

Best regards,
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Re: ADC-16 - 2.5 V output specification

Post by Kamel »

Dear Sir,

Good Day,

I have bought the ADC16 Data Logger with its terminal board.
I am working in Potentiometric and Amperometric Sensors to measure the potential at Zero Current for the potentiometry and the current for Amperometry. I want to know the full details of circuits design “for example the suitable resistors Ra and Rb and other designsâ€


Post by Sarah »


Thank you for your post.

I am not too sure what you mean, but if you are talking about a potential divider then you can find many diagrams of this on the internet.

Best Regards

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