Pico Logger 1012 - Streaming mode

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Pico Logger 1012 - Streaming mode

Post by tc_magic »

I am using a PicoLog Data logger in streaming mode to capture 720 samples on 11 channels. (720 * 11 = 7920)

I have assumed that every second I would get 7920 samples and am using the 1 second timer for my frame time.

I have a test script which uses the 1 second timer and have found that there are some instanced where the 1 second times does not go off so the script takes longer than it should.

Should I stop relying on the pico logger to time 1 second?

I remember in the olden days that windows would turn USB devices off if it thought it wasn't using them, do you think this is the case?

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Re: Pico Logger 1012 - Streaming mode

Post by AndrewA »

Can you attach the vi to post or email into support@picotech.com
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