ADC-100, Windows 2000 and USB to Parallel converter

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Stephen Nickell

ADC-100, Windows 2000 and USB to Parallel converter

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We have an ADC-100, which he have had for some 4 or 5 years. We use it to monitor the mains voltage continuously, looking for transients which can indiacte a fault on the electricity transmission system (I work for the Northern Ireland Transmission System Operator). The unit has performed very well, frequently indicating faults which otherwise would not have been noticed.
THE adc-100 is connected to the parallel printer port, and because of the problems with interrupts etc in windows, it runs as a C programme on a PC running in DOS mode. This makes it awkward in retrieving data since it has to be transferred via disc to another PC etc.
I have noticed that you now provide a usb to parallel adapter which is supposed to overcome the timing problems with windows. Could you advise whether the usb adapter will work with the ADC-100 we have, and allow us to suck in readings at full speed to be processed by a VB programme in real time.

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As you suggest, the USB adapter does overcome the timing problems in windows so it should help in your application.

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