RE External temperature sensor information

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RE External temperature sensor information

Post by Zoltan99 » Fri Apr 22, 2005 3:24 pm


I posted a few months ago regarding K type thermo couples. I recieved this reply but the link to the circuit diagram is broken. Also the breakout box mentioned, will this condition the K type thermo couple for it to work on the DrDaq?



The external sensor information is all available in the DrDAQ help file located in Start Menu | Programs | Pico Technology.

We sell a sensor breakout box for ?15 (ex VAT & Delivery) if you don't have crimp tools to make up your own cable.

What sort of reponse speed do you need? Many thermocouple devices are quite slow due to the time required for cold junction compensation. Our TC-08 unit may be of interest to you (response time of 200ms per active channel + 200ms cold junction compensation).

The DrDAQ is unfortunately, not capable of measuring thermocouples directly, as it is not bipolar, and does not have cold junction compensation built in. There are thermocouple conditioners available from
If you interested, The diagram in this PDF file shows a self assembly thermocouple amplifier circuit designed for the ADC-11 terminal board that can be adapted to work with the DrDAQ.

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Post by Sarah » Mon Apr 25, 2005 9:06 am


Thank you for your post.

The sensor breakout box will not condition the sensor, it is there to provide an easier way to connect to the DrDAQ external inputs.

I would generally not recommend using a thermocouple with a DrDAQ as it is not designed for this - instead our TC-08 is a much better unit as it is designed specifically for Thermocouples and the low output voltages which they give.

Really if you wish to connect a thermocouple to the DrDAQ you will need use a conditioner. You will need to source this from elsewhere and it will need to have a compatible output.

Hope this helps

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