Parallel port minimum spec

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Rob G

Parallel port minimum spec

Post by Rob G »

I have been using an ADC11/12 on an old desktop PC via the parallel port.

I am looking for a laptop to replace the old PC and am concerned about
getting a machine with an unsuitable parallel port. What is the minimum
spec for parallel operation of this data logger? Which of the following
port standards will support this device - SPP, EPP, ECP ?

Alternatively, could I trade in my existing unit for a USB version?

Thanks - Rob.


Post by Sarah »


Thank you for your post.

There is no 'minimum spec' as such for the parallel port. Most parallel ports should not see problems. The best mode however from those you mention is SPP.

Unfortunately we do not do upgrades, you would need to buy the new unit. However you could buy a USB to Parallel adaptor which would enable you to use your existing unit on USB.

Hope this helps

Best Regards

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