PicoScope 3206 not USB 2.0?

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PicoScope 3206 not USB 2.0?

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Whenever I connect my PicoScope 3206 to my Dell Latitude D600 I get the message "A high-speed USB device has been plugged into a non-hi-speed hub...". No other USB 2.0 high-speed device I've tried acts this way when connected to this laptop.
Is the PicoScope 3206 fully USB 2.0 High-Speed compliant?
Is it transmitting data at the full (USB 2.0 high-speed) 480Mb/s despite the Windows warning message?
Or is it actually running as a USB 1.0 (1.5 Mb/s) or USB 1.1 (12 Mb/s) device in this case?

Thanks for your help.


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Thank you for your post.

This message is normal. It is to do with the way the scope initially comunicates with the computer. The scope should still function as a USB2 unit when you open the software. You can check this by going to "Help | About" where it should tell you if it is using USB2 or not.

Hope this helps

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My PC gives the same warning and I believe the reason is that Picoscope uses it's own high speed driver for the USB port. The system doesn't recognise it as such and tryes to propose it's own driver.


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This action of specifying a suitable driver is not consistent with standard installs.

When you install the Pico software, the drivers for all Pico products are installed. When you connect a Pico unit for the first time, Windows runs the found new hardware wizard. The process completes and attempts to run again. You must run this twice! The first run is for USB1.1 drivers and the second time for the USB2.0 drivers.

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