Disable Pico logo on printouts?

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Disable Pico logo on printouts?

Post by chrissv »


I would like to disable the Pico logo on scope printouts. I found where I can add my own company logo, and I don't mind the PicoScope tag line at the bottom, but I really don't want the Pico logo in the upper right.

Thank you - Steven

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Re: Disable Pico logo on printouts?

Post by Hitesh »

Hi Steven,

Currently the software outputs the logo to a print out to show that the waveform has been generated using a Pico Technology product. There are no plans to change this at the present time.

As a workaround, you can use the Edit -> Copy as Image menu item in PicoScope 6 to copy and paste the image into a 3rd party application.

Best wishes,

Software Dev. Engineer

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