PS6000con - "Immediate block" option problem

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Gerry Martel
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PS6000con - "Immediate block" option problem

Post by Gerry Martel »

I just installed the latest version of Picoscope for Linux. I'm using Ubuntu 12.04. When I run the driver example program, PS6000con (version 1.2), and I enter the "Immediate block" option, it never works the first time. It will store about 10-20 samples, but the the rest will be zeros. When I run the option after the initial time, it works fine.

I also found that when I select this option, the program never exits cleanly. The ps6000CloseUnit() function gets hung up.

This is also true of test code that I have written. Whenever I use the ps6000GetValues() routine, the ps6000CloseUnit() stalls. (Have to hit Cntrl-C to exit.)

I realize this should be another thread but ...
I wrote a simple test program that streams data and got a max sampling rate of about 150MHz using one chanel. Is this typical or is it possible to sample at a much faster rate?

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Re: PS6000con - "Immediate block" option problem

Post by greg »

The maximum single channel streaming rate of the USB 3.0 PicoScope 6000 series is around 150MSPS.

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