3200 MSO advanced triggers on digital inputs?

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3200 MSO advanced triggers on digital inputs?

Post by Brian.b »

I find the website info possibly ambiguous regarding this, and as mentioned elsewhere, the demo picoscope software does not simulate an MSO-type scope.

So my question is:
Do the 3200 series MSO scopes support advanced triggering on the 16 digital inputs?
That is, can you setup the advanced triggers that make sense for digital signals: pulse width, drop-out and interval?
(obviously not window/runt-pulse which only make sense for analogue signals)

This feature seems to be supported on the External Trigger input of the A/B models, but since the MSOs don't have an external trigger port, is that functionality fully replicated by the digital inputs?

Even if it was supported on just a single digital input that would be fine for me!
But it's a tough decision ahead if I have to choose between an MSO which effectively turns into a 1-channel scope whenever this type of trigger is needed, and a 2 or 4 channel scope that does not have the 16 digital inputs.

Thanks for any help or suggestions you have

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Re: 3200 MSO advanced triggers on digital inputs?

Post by Martyn »

This is not supported within the Picoscope 6 software.

Technically it is supported by the driver from a coding viewpoint, although has not been tested since the exact use is unclear. This uncertainty is reflected in the documentation which is ambiguous with regards to it's application.

Can I ask you to contact support@picotech.com so that we can discuss your specific requirements in more detail.
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