PicoLog 1012 meassuring and sampling time

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PicoLog 1012 meassuring and sampling time

Post by hsm » Tue Oct 08, 2013 8:55 am

Hi there,

I need to meassure 6 independent sensors in radioactivity until their destruction. Of course, I dont know how long it will take and my guess is about 3-5 days. Is it possible to record all the data for that long time and then watch them from a log to determine when the sensors stopped working? And next question is if its possible to set the samping time to 60 minutes?

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Re: PicoLog 1012 meassuring and sampling time

Post by Hitesh » Tue Oct 15, 2013 11:54 am


What is the output of the sensors? You will need to ensure that it is in the range 0 to 2.5V for the PicoLog device. You can place resistors on the terminal board (see the link to the manual below) in order to scale the input and then scale this back in the software.

http://www.picotech.com/document/pdf/DO ... uide-3.pdf

A sample time of 60 minutes should be fine. Please remember to turn off any settings that cause the hard disk to sleep or power down USB ports on your PC. There is an Auto Reconnect option you can set through the file menu.

I hope this helps.

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