Thermocouple wire length

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Thermocouple wire length

Post by chrich »

I am currently setting up a test to measure 8 channels temperature on a TC-08. The PC is 5.5m away from the oven I'm using.
Is there a maximum length of thermocouple wire?
I do have an ancient laptop, but it only has no CD drive. I have tried to transfer the software from PC to laptop using floppys but failed. :?:
I look forward to hearing from you soon.


Post by Sarah »


Thank you for your post.

If your laptop has internet connection then I would suggest downloading the software. Otherwise I would suggest that trying again with floppy disks is the best way - unpack the self extracting file manually, then copy across the individual files on floppys, once this is done, run setup.exe.

It is advisable not to use thermocouple wires that are too long, however I would suggest that a distance of 5.5m should be fine. If you use high quality wire then this will minimise the risk of interferance.

Hope this helps

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