1216 PWM

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Dave Lister
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1216 PWM

Post by Dave Lister »

What exactly can you do with the PWM output on the Picolog1216.

How is it controlled in Picolog.

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Re: 1216 PWM

Post by Hitesh »

Hi Dave,

The PWM is defined as follows in the PicoLog 1000's User's Guide:
Pulse-width modulation. A way of conveying analog information by means of a single binary signal. The PWM output from the PicoLog 1000 Series units is a square wave between 0 volts and +3.3 volts, with variable duty cycle. The average voltage of the signal is the peak voltage, 3.3 volts, multiplied by the duty cycle.
It can be used as an aid for trimming circuits.

Unfortunately it cannot be controlled from PicoLog. It can be controlled via the driver API using the Software Development Kit or through the PicoScope 6 software via the Digital Output settings. Using the API would be the better option as it provides more control over the signal.

I hope this helps.

Software Dev. Engineer

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