Logging from 3 TC08 USB units

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Logging from 3 TC08 USB units

Post by chrisramsden »

Three TC08 USB units. Trying to measure and log 24 T type thermocouples. All 24 appear in the live list of inputs, but the spreadsheet and logging to a text file options seem to have a limit of 15 channels. We have used it initially at 12 + 12 for calibrating our thermocouples, but if we are unable to record all 24 channels simultaneously then our test plan falls to pieces. Have we missed something glaringly obvious?


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Re: Logging from 3 TC08 USB units

Post by TimB »

I have connected 3 TC-08's together in our Lab and have activated 24 Channels.
It is correct that in the PLW Spreadsheet view there are 15 Channels visible which is a viewing limitation, when the Spreadsheet is saved all 24 Channels are saved and can be viewed on the spreadsheet.
For viewing as the data is been captured you can use the Group Feature that can group channels together and then select each Group in turn for viewing, this is accessed in the Select Channels Tab and the select Groups.

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