USB TC-08 Labview Driver

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USB TC-08 Labview Driver

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Hello to everybody!

I'm trying to acquire a themocouple signal by means of Pico instrument. In particular, I'm using the USB TC-08 device. When I bought the instrument there was a labview VI together with it. Unfortunately, I have to implement the device in a old VI with different acquisition instruments (like ABB analyzer, and pressure signal from a National Instruments DAQ signal). Finally I have to coordinate the acquisition signal in order to acquire a coherent signal in time from different instruments.

I have little I'm waiting to obtain an help from someone.

Thank you in advance for your help

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Re: USB TC-08 Labview Driver

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This was answered through our e-mail Helpdesk:

We can provide guidance on how to call the API functions for the TC-08 using LabVIEW but we are not really in a position to advise on integrating LabVIEW vi's for other manufacturer's products.

You should be able to call the TC-08 vi (modify it if necessary) from your existing LabVIEW diagram.

For general LabVIEW queries or for help on the coordination of the acquisition signal, please contact National Instruments or try their user forum.

Best wishes,

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