2205 MSO Digital input pod

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2205 MSO Digital input pod

Post by JJHawg »

I have had my 2205 MSO for a couple weeks now, and love it...

One thing I want is longer digital input leads so the box doesn't need to be sitting on top of the project circuit. So, I got the bright idea to create an 18" extension cord with ribbon cable. I thought I might get some crosstalk, but it is worse than I thought.

I am monitoring SPI signals, and the clock signal creates ~30nS spikes on many of the other inputs; even if I have them grounded.

I may try a shorter ribbon cable to see what happens, but wonder if you have any comments about this...

Thanks for the great product, and keep the software improvements coming... ;-)


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Re: 2205 MSO Digital input pod

Post by Martyn »

Are the signals on adjacent cables or are there unused grounded cables between ?
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